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This values statement is here to: 


Ensure that as a team we are making choices and taking action in line with the values of North Star Therapy Collective.


If you’re interested in joining our team you deserve a clear sense of what we are about before taking your time to apply.

​Our Values in Action: 



  • To act from a place of equity I/ we:

    • prioritize relationships

    • network with diverse colleagues to refer to and / or consult with

    • include pronouns on all correspondence

    • use inclusive language

    • remain open to feedback and learning about equity and inclusion

  • Ask for help / support if you:

    • find that all of your clients are of the same level of privilege or background

    • feel you don't have the skills to interact with someone across lines of difference



  • To act from a place of compassion I/ we:

    • take a day off or a vacation when starting to feel overwhelmed, drained, or not present

    • assume good intentions first and extend grace

    • remind co-workers to have self-compassion when a mistake is made

  • Ask for help / support if you:

    • you have difficulty accessing compassion for your clients or your colleagues by asking for support, taking a day off, or prioritizing self-care

    • have trouble being compassionate with yourself when you make a mistake or are struggling 



  • To act from a place of thoughtfulness I/ we:

    • check in with folks when they are going through something difficult

    • have respect for others' time and what they need from us to succeed in their role

    • consider others' circumstances or perspectives when interacting 

  • Ask for help / support if you:

    • find yourself hyper-focused on your own challenges 

    • find it difficult to engage in active presence / listening when interacting 


Curiosity / Respect / Presence

  • To act from a place of curiosity / respect / presence I/ we:

    • pay attention and remain present when colleagues are speaking or sharing something

    • you pause to consider other perspectives before responding

    • ask questions when receiving feedback to clarify understanding

    • stay curious about how to improve, learn, and grow

    • check in with self before meetings (ask myself what do I need so I can be present?) 

  • Ask for help / support if you:

    • experience difficulty receiving feedback

    • are disconnected during meetings and conversations



  • To act from a place of accountability I/ we:

    • do keep deadlines on action items

    • remain up-to-date on administrative tasks, licensing, and continuing education

    • ask co-workers for what's needed from them in order to be successful at my job

    • ask for deadlines if you aren't clear when something is to be completed 

  • Ask for help / support if you:

    • are unclear on the expectations of your role

    • are not getting what you need to be successful in your role



  • To act from a place of integrity I/ we:

    • are kind, firm, and direct when communicating

    • tell the truth

    • are willing to have difficult conversations

    • live the values of the organization

  • Ask for help / support if you:

    • recognize that what is fast, fun, or easy is taking priority over what is right


Humility / Imperfection

  • To act from a place of humility / imperfection I/ we:

    • are honest, clear and direct with feedback while extending grace for human imperfection

    • center curiosity over the need for clear-cut, black-and-white answers

  • Ask for help / support if you:

    • perfectionism, or the need to have all the answers is impacting you at work


Self-Awareness / Growth / Self-care

  • To act from a place of self-awareness / growth / self-care I/ we:

    • take the initiative to:

      • schedule time off for rest and self-care

      • continue learning

      • ask for support where needed

    • prioritize my own healing 

  • Ask for help / support if you:

    • you aren't sure how you can continue your learning or can improve in your role

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