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ADHD + THRIVING is a group for professional who have or may have ADHD, are looking for connection with others and want to understand how to navigate life with ADHD with greater ease.

ADHD + THRIVING might be the right place for you if you...


Experience difficulty with:

  • Time management

    • are you always late or do you have to be super early to things? 

    • do you over-schedule yourself and/or your family?

  • Strong emotions

    • do you feel things intensely?

    • are you unsure what to do with your feelings?

    • do you often feel misunderstood?

  • Organization

    • do you struggle to meet deadlines or to stay on task?

    • is it difficult to complete household chores or pay bills on time?

  • Follow through

    • do you have a hard time finishing tasks or projects?

    • do you have multiple books you've started and not finished?


  • Like an outsider

  • Misunderstood

  • Overwhelmed by daily responsibilities

  • Embarrassed/ashamed that day-to-day tasks are difficult to keep up with



  • An abundance of creative ideas

  • Easily make big picture connections

  • Strong emotions 

  • Have thought to yourself, “if I just had my own personal assistant or project manager I could…”

Group Details

Dates: Tuesdays beginning October 26, 2021

Time: 11.30a - 1.00p

Location: online, a HIPPA-compliant virtual platform

Fee: $325 for 8-week group. if you would like financial assistance, please inquire.


Registration closes October 19

If you're interested in joining ADHD + THRIVING, please email

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