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Afternoon Live - Self-Care (re)Defined

Self-care is a buzz word these days. Most people think of a manicure or glass of wine as the go-to self-care. In this segment of Afternoon Live, I talk about a different way to think about self-care. Below you’ll find some some questions you can ask yourself to get in touch with what you really need to take care of yourself as well as some possible ideas for self-care.

Steps to reframing self-care as what you need to nurture yourself:

  1. Check in with yourself – notice what state of mind/being you’re in

  2. Take a few deep breaths

  3. Ask yourself the question: what do I really need?

  4. If you're having difficulty connecting with what you need you can ask yourself the following:

  5. Do I need to be alone or in connection?

  6. Do I need to be still or moving?

Some ideas for self-care may include:

  • Connection – phone conversation with a loved one/friend

  • Alone time – reading a book or taking a bath

  • Moving – going for a walk, run, or yoga class

  • Resting – meditation, laying on your back feeling the ground beneath your body

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